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Information about AccèsD

How to register for AccèsD Coast Capital Savings

  • Simply call us at 1-877-253-7350 option 9 - 1 - 2 (to sign up for AccèsD, you must be a Coast VISA Desjardins cardholder).
  • When you register, you will receive a temporary password. You will need to change this password the first time you log on.

Enhanced AccèsD log-on procedure

Desjardins is launching a new AccèsD log-on procedure as part of our ongoing commitment to bring you the highest possible information security standards. This system allows you to make your transactions in complete security.

Logging on

Enter your user code on the first log-on page:

Enlarge image
Logging on - user code

Then, enter your password on the second page:

Enlarge image
Logging on - password

Configuring your security settings

When you log on as usual to AccèsD, you will be asked to configure your new security settings. Important: No e-mail will be forwarded to you to change your configuration.

Configuring your security settings consists of 3 steps:

  1. Creating a personal phrase and memorizing an image.
  2. Selecting 3 questions and entering the answers.
  3. Reviewing and confirming your new security settings.

Over the next few months, AccèsD users will be randomly invited to follow the configuration procedure. These steps are essential and cannot be postponed.

AccèsD log-on with new settings

With the new settings in place, once you've entered your user code, the system will display your personal phrase and image:

Enlarge image
AccèsD log-on with new settings

Your personal phrase and image displayed confirm that you are on the genuine AccèsD site. Never enter your password if either of these elements is missing!

If you log on from an non-usual location, you'll be asked to answer a question you've selected when configuring your new security settings:

Enlarge image
AccèsD log-on with question

This step verifies your identity. Simply answer the question to access your accounts.

To find out more about the enhanced AccèsD log-on procedure, see the FAQ section.

If you have any other questions about the enhanced logon procedure, contact us.