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Exclusive Benefits for Businesses

Business Card

Accepted and recognized all over the world, an effective payment and financing method, an excellent tool for managing your business expenses, the Business card is your passport to business!

Advantages for your company:

Advantages for your employees:

  • Separate personal and business expenses
  • Simplified settling of expense accounts with detailed account statements for each Business card
  • Always reliable: Visa is the most accepted credit card in the world
  • Security: business travel assistance and coverage

Highly competitive interest rates

The lowest interest rates on a Business credit card in the country.

Business Savings Program

Receive 1%1 cashback on goods and services purchased with your company's Business card!

Cash advances any time

Get cash advances at competitive rates at more than 800,000 ATMs bearing the Visa logo in 150 countries.

Corporate legal assistance and information security

Services that allow you to discuss with experienced lawyers who will help you address legal questions related to your business.

Up to $100,000 of liability insurance per card

Provided automatically at no additional cost, this insurance frees your business from all liability for unauthorized expenditures made by employees holding a Business card2.

Visa payWave contactless feature

To make quick payment of amounts under $100 by simply waving the Coast Visa Business card in front of a secure contactless reader. The cardholder maintains control of the card throughout the payment process. Go to for more information.

Flexible billing

Centralized payment allows you to make a single payment to cover all your Business card accounts, while individual payments let you pay each Business card account balance separately, thereby freeing up the card credit limit as soon as a payment is made in an employee's account.

Summary and detailed account statement

Manage your account easily with two types of Business card account statements:

  • A consolidated statement lists balances for all Coast Visa Business cards on your company's master account.
  • An account statement for each card details transactions made by each employee who holds a Coast Visa Business card.

Online account statement

Online account statements are available through Canada Post's epost service. To access your monthly account statements online, simply sign up on, if you do not already have an epost account. PDF versions of account statements are stored for seven years in the epost digital mailbox.

To apply for a card, simply visit your Coast Capital Savings branch.

1. Business purchases charged to one or more Coast Visa Business cards that total between $12,000 and $500,000 in one year will be eligible for a 1% cashback credited to the Business cardholder's account on the anniversary date of the account opening. Cash advances, Business cheques, interest charges, merchandise returns, administrative charges and other purchase fees are not included.

2. Certain conditions apply.