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Payment and Billing Plans

Business Card

Choose your ideal payment method!

There are two ways to pay your Business account balance. Depending on your needs, you can select either:

Centralized payment

You make a single payment that is credited to the primary account (master account). This single payment settles the account balance or all of your Business card balances if you have more than one card.

Decentralized payment

If there are several Business cards linked to the master account, each authorized representative cardholder must pay the amounts due on the Coast Visa Business card issued in his or her name. The advantage of decentralized payment is that the credit limit is freed up as soon as the payment is credited to the account.

Centralized payment is the default payment method, unless the decentralized payment option was selected on the Business card application form. However, you can register for decentralized payment subsequently, if you did not request with your application.

  1. First, ensure that the master account balance is $0.
  2. Complete and sign the decentralized payment enrolment form.

There are several ways to obtain this form:
Go to or
Call Business Customer Service at 1-800-266-5662

Our advisors will send you the form by mail or fax.

Master account

The account opened at the financial institution in the business' name with a single account number. Cards are not issued for this account.


The Business card account. There are as many sub-accounts as you have Business cards. The numbers of these accounts correspond to the numbers appearing on the Business cards issued in the name of an individual who is a designated authorized holder or representative. All subaccounts are linked to the master account.

Flexible payment options
The Authorized Payment option allows you to automatically settle your account balance:

  • at Coast Capital Savings ATMs.
  • by cheque.
  • at any Visa affiliated institution.

Only the annual fees for optional services such as Business Cheques ($20) are charged to your company's main account.

To apply for a card, simply visit your Coast Capital Savings branch.