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Optional Services

Coast Visa Student

Credit Balance Insurance for Individuals
Authorized Payment
Low Interest Rates

Credit Balance Insurance for Individuals

With Credit Balance Insurance for Individuals, you are paid a benefit corresponding to the balance of your purchases made with your Coast Visa card and on your Accord D Desjardins financing, is paid in full in the event of death, dismemberment or critical illness, to a maximum of $25,000.

In the event of accidental death, the payment is automatically doubled.

In the event of disability or involuntary loss of employment, it pays you a benefit corresponding to 10% of the balance of the current transactions indicated on each monthly statement and your Accord D Desjardins financing minimum payment, up to $750.

Authorized Payment

The Coast Visa Authorized Payment Service lets you to pay your Visa account or Accord D Desjardins monthly payments automatically at no additional cost.

You can pay your balance in full or make partial payments.

Every month, the amount you've specified is withdrawn directly from a chequing account at any Canadian financial institution.

Pay in any of the following three ways without service charge:

  • Payment of your entire monthly balance, including the monthly Accord D Desjardins payment.
  • Fixed payment amount (equal to or greater than the minimum payment).
  • Minimum payment required.

Low Interest Rates

Ask for the Low Interest Rate option for your purchases and cash advances worldwide:

  • Annual fee of $30.
  • No charge for additional cards.

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